At the end of the TSL Gold Cup, awards are always handed out! Here is how the awards are broken down:

 Golden/Silver/Bronze Ball (most MOTMs, with ties broken up by combined goals & assists, then goals, then clean sheets, then final round reached, then least games played);

 Golden/Silver/Bronze Boot (most goals, with ties broken up by assists and then least games played);

 Golden/Silver/Bronze Playmaker (award for players w/ the most assists, with ties broken up by least games played and then goals);

 Golden/Silver/Bronze Glove (most clean sheets, with ties broken up by GA per game and then most games played)

To be considered for any award, your team must have qualified for and played in the Gold Cup (knockout stage):


Award Winners

Golden Ball: C. Tevez, 3 MOTMs (Boca Juniors) guayo10
Silver Ball: M. Perin, 3 MOTMs (GenoaBroncos218
Bronze Ball: N. Lodeiro, 2 MOTMs (Boca Juniorsguayo10

Golden Boot: W. Ben Yedder, 9 goals (Toulouse FC) CxMacx10
Silver Boot: N. Lodeiro, 8 goals (Boca Juniorsguayo10
Bronze Boot: R. Mahrez, 6 goals (Leicester CityScott Metcalf

Golden Playmaker: R. Hamouma, 4 assists (AS Saint-Etienne) HokieNYC
Silver Playmaker: N. Lodeiro, 4 assists (Boca Juniorsguayo10
Bronze Playmaker: P. Hernandez, 3 assists (Rayo Vallecanovipermansa

Golden Glove: M. Goicoechea, 4 clean sheets (Toulouse FC) CxMacx10
Silver Glove: M. Perin, 3 clean sheets (GenoaBroncos218
Bronze Glove: K. Vermeer, 2 clean sheets (FeyenoordwSeals9

Congrats to the winners!