Last seen after the 2041 season, RPI rankings are probably more useful than ever now with the divisional changes and the EL/WL realignment.  So here are the final rankings for the 2063 season:

  • For those that don't know, this is the basic formula for the RPI:  (Winning Percentage * 25%) + (Opponent's Winning Percentage * 50%) + (Opponent's Opponent's Winning Percentage * 25%) = RPI
  • To little surprise, the Yankees ended up as #1 in the RPI this year.  The best record in the whole league while playing in the best division in the league.  The RPI shows that as an indisputable fact as the top 3 teams are all from the Manuel division.
  • The A's made the playoffs as a wildcard team and the RPI says they're only the #8 team, but based on their runs scored vs runs allowed, they should've had the best record in the league.  They finished 13 games below their expected record thanks to 21-38 record in 1 run games.
  • The Diamondbacks and Padres are the only teams with a record above .500 while ranking in the bottom half of the RPI.  Having the Giants and Dodgers in their division have put major question marks on their quality.  Will John Cena provide enough of a spark to push the DBacks into World Series contention?