Time for another draft throwback, this time examining what has happened to the 2051 draft class. All these players have had plenty of time to develop and either been put on the 40 man, taken in Rule V, or fallen off the face of the baseball world. Let's take a look back.

1) Kansas City Royals - CF Cole Howell
Howell has become the rare player who can be a #1 every 5th day and could be a cleanup hitter the other 4 days as a DH. Hasn't completely reached his pitching ceiling, but is talented enough to be the ace for many teams in the league. Could easily DH for any team in the league, at least vs right handed pitching.

2) Washington Nationals - CF Kevin McCord
McCord did not develop at all into the hitter he was expected to be, but he has become one of the best defensive OFs in the league. His bat is good enough that he won't be a total liability at the bottom of the lineup, but he never figured out the strike zone well enough to develop into that #1/2 in the order bat like scouts predicted.

3) San Francisco Giants - SP Harry Griffith
Griffith never came close to hitting what scouts predicted, a do everything starter who could strike you out, force ground balls, all while keeping you from getting free passes. That control and strikeout skill never manifested. He's carving out a role as a back of the rotation SP, but definitely not what is expected out of a top 3 pick.

4) Cincinnati Reds - RF Chip Crawford
Crawford did not turn into the player scouts had him pegged as. Defense never improved enough to be a good outfielder, and the bat ended up as okay instead of special. Was traded to Oakland, where he has been decent with the bat but terrible in RF.

5) Seattle Mariners - C Charles Brown
Brown went from huge impact bat prospect to decent catcher. Playing well for Toronto right now in a platoon role, but never going to be an impact every day player.

6) Cleveland Indians - SS Bernardo Delgado
Delgado has stayed status quo and has become a very solid shortstop for the rebranded Stampede. He will play above average defense, hit about 10 homers a year, and hit around .300 every year with a .350 or so OBP. Very few teams would say no to that type of play at short.

7) Vancouver Vandals - SP Terry Stone
Never developed any sort of control. Pitching in Vancouver's pen, and I have no clue why he's on the ML roster unless the Vancouver GM is trying to make himself believe it was not a pick that backfired. 24 appearances out of the pen with 37 hits allowed and 44 walks to 25 strikeouts. That makes him, quite possibly, the worst pitcher in the MLB.

8) Anaheim Angels - SS Corbin Wheeler
Drafted as a shortstop but converted into an outfielder, Wheeler has been an okay player. Not the type of player you'd want to start every game. Defense in CF is terrible. Not sure if I'd go as far as saying a bust, but looks like he was poorly managed in the minors.

9) Montreal Expos - CF Lucas Hart
Hart had a solid career in Montreal before being traded to the Cubs, where he won a WS and had a breakthrough 2056 where he was an all star, but he has come back to earth and is a quality LF to play vs righties. 

10) Atlanta Braves - RF Jason Vaughn
Vaughn was turned into a 1B due to poor range in the OF, but he never came close to his potential. Never developed the huge power that was expected, although he is still a 15-20 HR bat. The bigger issue is him having average contact and a mediocre strike zone knowledge, keeping his average and OBP low.

11) Colorado Rockies - RF Mike Young
Went from a high contact and power prospect to scouts hating him after just one year of professional ball. Will probably never see a MLB field as a player. Still playing in A ball and terrible even there.

12) Pittsburgh Pirates - SP Paul Graham
Another guy who scouts just missed on. He at least made the majors and was a respectable #5 starter for a couple of years, but was waived by Pittsburgh and now sits in the Nationals' farm system.

13) Los Angeles Dodgers - CF Chris Gordon
One of the better players from this draft. Gordon just has a knack for getting the bat on the ball and forcing defenses to get him out. Also a great defender in left field. 

14) New York Mets - SP Sandro Salas
Salas has carved out a nice career so far as a middle rotation SP for the Mets. Good control, and above average stuff and movement. Doesn't truly excel in one thing, but doesn't have any drawbacks either.

15) St. Louis Cardinals - CF Marshall Pace
Pace was one of the big pieces in the Pedro Mares trade years ago, and he has turned into a complete flop. Was a nice looking 2 way prospect who has completely flopped at hitting and pitching.

16) San Diego Padres - SP Ralph Erickson
Prospects from 2051 must've never wanted to go to San Diego. Pace traded to them, Erickson drafted by them, and both are never going to see the MLB.

17) Boston Red Sox - SP Dusty Jamison
Jamison has turned into a very nice pitcher for Boston, churning out 4 WAR seasons like it's nothing. He's lucky to be in Boston, though, because he does tend to give up home runs when away from home.

18) New York Yankees - 1B Andrew Entin
Entin was the big piece, along with Murray Clarey, in the deal for Ed Benjamin. Since then, Entin has developed into one of the premier 1Bs in the league, annihilating right handed pitching. Hits around .300 with 30+ home run power and knows how to draw a walk as well.

19) Toronto Blue Jays - CF Millard Miller
Miller has become one of the best all around CFs in the league. Solid defensively with 30+ home run power (47 last season). Only real weakness is his batting average, but nobody is perfect and he's a lot better than most picks before him.

20) Houston Astros - SP Randy Nichols
Never looked at as a potential ace, Nichols still didn't reach what he could have been. He's a back of the rotation starter right now who can strike guys out, but when he's off, look out.

21) Minnesota Twins - SP Rich Holley
Never developed any control. Didn't max out his stuff or movement either. Looks like a career AAA player.

22) Baltimore Orioles - SS Ryan Ross
Ross has become an average shortstop for Baltmore. More suited to 2B with his weak arm, his defense will never be outstanding at short. His bat is good enough to hit .300 every year.

23) Arizona Diamondbacks - SS Danny Alexander
Alexander decided to trade strike zone knowledge and contact for an all out power approach. He's probably regretting it now, being a mediocre 1B who is a home run or nothing type player now.

24) Detroit Tigers - SP Ryan Green
Retired and never made the majors. No trace of this guy anymore.

25) Oakland Athletics - SS Juan Caballero
Caballero has turned into a fantastic player, although he's having a down year this year. He's a Gold Glove winner who would probably have won more of them if he didn't play SS and 3B both. Great at drawing walks as well. Hits for a mediocre average, though.

26) Chicago White Sox - CF Daniel Cook
Never developed. No power, zero clue what a strike is. Bust.

27) Philadelphia Phillies - SP Bruce Dunn
Complete bust. Never figured out how to control the ball or strike people out.

28) Chicago Cubs - RF Robert Justice
Had two great years then completely forgot how to play baseball at the ML level at only 25 years old. Looks like the roids wore off or something.

29) Tampa Bay Rays - 1B Emerson Phillips
Phillips turned into a decent 1B, but nothing special. Platoon bat vs righties who is useless vs lefties. But he's still playing in the majors and has had a decent year, so he's better than about half the people drafted before him.

30) Texas Rangers - SP Phil Sharp
Sharp was a boom or bust type when picked, where scouts projected him to have crazy strikeout numbers and insane movement on his pitches, but not much of a clue where they were going. The strikeout stuff never developed and is now sitting in Detroit's farm.


1) Kansas City Royals - SP Spike Collins
Collins got to the talent level where he's a solid AAA player, but as of now, he's just pure depth for a team and will probably never see the majors unless a team gets decimated by injuries.

2) Detroit Tigers - SP Randy Beaton
Another bust. Never developed control or any sort of stuff.

3) Oakland Athletics - 2B Joe Potter
Was never able to make that last step to become a major leaguer. Didn't figure out that last little bit to make enough contact.

4) Texas Rangers - 3B Howard Cook
Complete bust. Never made it above A ball, and is terrible there right now.

photo credit: Baseball via photopin (license)