1: Colorado Rockiets - SP Walt MacDiarmid
MacDiarmid has suffered through a couple of major injuries in his career, but he has made it to the ML as a solid starting pitcher. Is he the dominant force that he looked like he'd be out of TCU? No, but he's still a guy who can be a #2 in a rotation. MacDiarmid was part of a major trade between Colorado and San Diego, and is part of a supremely talented and young San Diego core.

2: Milwaukee Brewers - 1B Juan Perez
Wasn't a fan of this pick when it happened. Good talent, but no way was he a top 5 talent to me. He proved me wrong for a couple of seasons, but he's lost all ability to hit lefty pitchers and has turned into a righty platoon who mashes righties. Worth a #2 pick? Not to me, but definitely a piece who will fit in a lineup and start 120 games a year at least.

3: Seattle Mariners - RF Gene Humphrey
Humphrey looked like an insane talent out of the draft, but that's the problem with high schoolers. They can look like the next great thing, and never pan out. Humphrey never panned out in Seattle and was a Rule V pick by St. Louis. Easily a bust as a top 3 pick.

4: Cleveland Indians - SP Alberto Webb
Webb may not have reached the lofty ceiling scouts had for him, but he's still developed into a player who is good enough to be the ace of a bad team, and a #1/2 on a playoff team. Webb has developed one of the best changeups in the league. Also, it's a miracle! An Indians draft pick panned out!

5: Pittsburgh Pirates - SP Jason Lange
Lange has developed almost as expected. Turned into an ace for Pittsburgh in every sense except for the strikeout numbers. He doesn't walk many and keeps the ball in the park, but he's not a guy who can blow the ball past any batters. Best suited to a #2 role, but he's the ace for Pitt's weak staff.

6: Tampa Bay Rays - RF Bob Green
Another player who didn't reach his ceiling but turned into a solid ballplayer. Green's weakness is his inability to cover ground in the outfield, which has him stuck at DH. Okay hitter vs lefties, but can mash righties. A DH at #6? Usually not a good value, but so far in this draft, nobody has turned into what scouts had them pegged for.

7: Arizona Diamondbacks - Loren Gordon
Gordon has come as close as anyone so far to hitting the level that scouts had him pegged for. He won the 2050 RotY award for Arizona and has put together back ot back to back years of ace level pitching, although he has regressed a bit every season due to allowing more homers every year. Definitely good enough to be an ace for a team, and it's surprising he hasn't made an all star game yet. Just shows how deep pitching has been in the WL since realignment.

8: Cincinnati Reds - CF Jesse Molleke
Only 24 and in his rookie season with the Reds, Molleke isn't a finished product yet. Cincinatti is still wating on him to develop the power that they expected him to grow into. Molleke has developed a great knowledge of the strike zone, however, and is great at forcing his way on base. He never developed into anything close to average as an outfielder, though, and has been playing 1B for Cincy.

9: St. Louis Cardinals - SP Christian Bell
Bell was pegged as an ace in the draft, but he's turned into a mid rotation workhorse at this point in his career. Decent strikeout numbers and has put together 2 straight seasons of nice pitching with a 3rd well on its way in 2053, but scouts are worried that his inability to keep his arm slot consistent will lead to less control and more walks in the future.

10: Washington Nationals - CF Alex Leslie
Only 17 years old when drafted, Leslie is only 23 years old but entering his 2nd full season as a major league player. Leslie is your prototypical leadoff hitter, a guy who can put the ball in play and draw a walk. He also plays some of the best defense in center field in the league. Has no power whatsoever, but is a plus grade at everything else. If he can strike out just a little bit less, he could be the best leadoff hitter in the league.

11: Minnesota Twins - 3B Willard Gaston
Gaston never developed into the player he looked to be in the draft, but he has turned into a respectable major league player. He's able to put his bat on the ball, but he's not a guy who is going to muscle too many out of the park or draw walks. Not a good defender either at 3B, but not terrible either. Just a guy who is an average ballplayer.

12: San Francisco Giants - CF Miguel Angel Silva
Silva has fallen a good bit short offensively of his predictions by scouts, but he is a great center fielder. He never panned out in San Fran, but the Yankees took him in the Rule V draft a couple of seasons ago and he's been a defensive specialist for them in center. His bat is definitely lacking, however.

13: Philadelphia Phillies - SS Dan Reed
The story of this draft: Players who never reached their potential but still managed to turn into ML players. Reed never did turn into the guy who would hit .290 like was expected from him in the draft, but he did develop the 25+ home run power. Drafted as a shortstop, Reed moved over to 3B and has become a very nice defender at 3rd. Not a star, but a very capable starting 3B, although he does struggle vs left handed pitching.

14: Chicago White Sox - RF Mark Aumon
Aumon burst onto the scene as a rookie in 2051, hitting .371 in almost 2/3rds of a season. Unfortunately for him, pitchers adjusted to him and he's struggled to find that rookie season form in the year and a half since. 

15: San Diego Padres - SS Nick Dixon
Dixon has turned into one of the premier leadoff hitters in the league since arriving in 2051. Dixon led the league in steals in 2052 and has improved his play at shortstop in his 2nd full time season in the league. Very similar to Alex Leslie in Washington, just with a good instead of great knowledge of the strike zone.

16: Boston Red Sox - SP Winston Miller
Miller was pegged as a future ace in the draft, but he never came close to developing. I'd be shocked to ever see him throw a pitch in the majors. There's been some busts in the draft so far, but this is the first major bust to never make the MLB.

17: Kansas City Royals - CF Mark Jefferson
Jefferson has turned into what he was expected to be: A solid starting OF who is a great defender and baserunner, but completely average with the bat. Doesn't have a weakness at the plate, but doesn't do anything special either. A guy who gets the job done but won't ever be a superstar.

18: New York Mets - CF Miguel Hernandez
Hernandez has deveoped into a guy with a nice bat, but zero clue how to play defense whatsoever. The Mets are forcing him to play 2B for some reason right now, where he is completely out of position. 6'4, 215 lb guys are not 2nd basemen. Definitely has the bat to be in the lineup everyday, but needs to be a DH or possibly 1B.

19: Toronto Blue Jays - 3B Craig Winston
Winston never developed into the bat he was expected to be, but he's one of the best defensive infielders in the league. Never going to be a guy who will hit well, but every team needs a defensive stud as either a backup, supersub, or starter that bats in the bottom of the order. Another guy who can grind out a ML career but never be the player scouts had him pegged as.

20: Anaheim Angels - SP Bobby Affr
Another player who hasn't come close to his status with scouts, Affr is a fringe ML player who is getting shelled in AAA this season. He was traded from Anaheim to Milwaukee and has just never been able to produce as a starting pitcher in the majors for an extended period of time. Talented enough to stay on a 40 man roster and be a long reliever or extra starter, but not a guy who you want in your rotation for a full season.

21: Texas Rangers - SS Anthony Taylor
Anthony Taylor has moved to 3B and turned into one of the better players in the league. A defensive stud at 3B with 20 homer power and will hit .275 while drawing a ton of walks. He won't truly wow you in most facets of the game, but his game has no weaknesses at all.

22: Florida Marlins - C Donnie Walker
Walker is easily one of the best catchers in the league. Almost a lock to hit .300 any season, and has a cannon attached for a right arm. Walker has made the ASG in both of his full time seasons and is a potential MVP candidate at the age of 23. A steal in this draft.

23: Detroit Tigers - SP James Mason
Mason never came close to developing into the potential #1/2 starter he was viewed as. He never really learned to corral his stuff and is just too wild to be successful at the ML level. He piched okay in Detroit in 2052, but lost some of his control during the offseason and is now pitching in Toledo.

24: Baltimore Orioles - SP Jaime Tavares
This is the first season Tavares has spent over A ball. He's 29 years old. That's all that needs to be said. bust who will never reach the majors.

25: Oakland Athletics - SP Marvin Bryant
Bryant has spent all but a few days in AAA. Pitched 3 innings in Oakland in 2051 and has yet to get back. No control over his pitches. Another huge bust.

26: Chicago Cubs - SP Jason Talley
Talley never made it above a ball. He blew out his elbow, was cut, and nobody signed him. Complete bust.

S1: Colorado Rockies - SS Zachary Bader
Bader was traded to Milwaukee as part of a huge prospect deal years ago. He's turned into a solid middle reserve/platoon infielder. Surprised Milwaukee hasn't tried to develop him at 3B with his arm and to set him as an all-around utility player.

S2: Florida Marlins - CF Manuel Aguilar
Aguilar has developed into a very nice outfielder who mashes righties. Never going to hit lefties that well, but his defense is fantastic and easily makes him an every day player. One of the premier defensive outfielders in the league and could easily end up winning mulitple gold gloves in his career. One of the best values in this draft.

S3: Arizona Diamondbacks - SS Jorge Oliveira
Drafted as a shortstop, traded as a part of a package for Rob Cannon, then taken in the Rule V draft by Tampa Bay from LA and converted to pitcher where he is not close to ML ready yet but stuck in the majors for this season. His career has taken an interesting path.

S4: Washington Nationals - SP Zi-Jun Xa
Wasn't really sure of this pick when it was made, but he's made it to the majors as a starter. Throws dead straight, but doesn't give up a ton of homers. He's pitched well enough for someone with his skill set, but is probably never going to be better than a #5 unless he's on a terrible team, and I can't see any playoff team ever using him in the rotation.

S5: Toronto Blue Jays - CF Robert Maloney
There is no trace of Robert Maloney anywhere. He has retired and never made the majors. Not sure if he was injured and retired or just sucked, but obviously a bust.

S6: Chicago Cubs - SS Gene Ryan
When healthy, Ryan has developed into one of the better infielders in the league. Key words, when healthy. Ryan has had a ton of injury issues in his career. He has been moved away from shortstop to try to keep him healthier, with him playing 1B, 2B, 3B, and DHing in his career.