We're finally in the LCS of the playoffs and are unveiling the final rankings for the 2064 season.  Where do the final 4 playoff teams stand in the RPI?

  • The Oakland A's take over the top spot in the RPI with a really strong finish and they face off against the former #1 Chicago Cubs in the WLCS.  The A's dominated the Cubs in the regular season winning 5 out of their 6 games.  Will the A's be able to keep this up now that the games really matter?
  • The Marlins were the best team in the entire league in the final third of the season.  However, the Tigers were the third best and second best in the EL.  These division opponents face off again in the ELCS.  They were fairly even against each other in the regular season with the Tigers taking the slight edge with 9 wins in their 16 games.  The RPI favors the Marlins by the smallest of margins.  Should be a very interesting series to see who comes out on top here.