The Cubs have managed to hold onto the top spot after a less than convincing last 2 months, but there's been a lot of shuffling around from all the other teams.

  • Only 2 teams remain in their same spot in the rankings from the first RPI of the season; the 1st place Chicago Cubs and the last place San Francisco Giants.
  • Movers and Shakers: the Pirates, A's, Reds, and Padres have all made big jumps from the first rankings.  The Pirates and A's also had the 2 best RPIs for the middle 2 months of the year.  Can they keep up their momentum in the final third of the season and cement themselves as World Series hopefuls?
  • So I was wrong.  The White Sox are still awful.  Their 329 runs scored is dramatically worse than ever other team in the league.  The closest team to them are the San Francisco Giants with 51 more runs than the Sox which is nearly .5 runs per game.  A dramatic gap between 31 and 32.  However, the White Sox are 3rd best in runs allowed.  Only the A's and Reds are better at that.  But if you can't score, you can't win so that doesn't really mean anything for the White Sox.
  • The 20th ranked Seattle Mariners hold a 9.5 game lead on the Colorado Rockies and are cruising toward the playoffs at this point.  Is their new management benefitting from poor competition in the Teheran Division or will this give them opportunity to be fresh and ready once October hits?