The 2063 saw the Manuel Division as the clear top division in The Dugout with the Yankees, Tigers, and Phillies as the top 3 teams.  2064 brought on a new realignment though that sent the Phillies down to the Taylor Division allowing another division to claim the throne:

  • The Rangers replacing the White Sox in the Clay Division has paid huge dividends so far as all 4 teams from the Clay rank 1 through 4.  It's interesting though that the Rangers rank above the Diablos despite being 4.5 games behind them.  This can be attributed to them having the toughest SOS in the entire league.
  • After the Clay Division though, there's 5 straight EL teams coming from Manuel and Taylor divisions.  With interleague play coming up for the next 2 months, can these teams usurp the Clay division from their dominant start?
  • So the White Sox dropped down a division and are still awful.  Their record is 4 games worse than the 2nd worst record.  However, maybe they're not as bad as they look?  The RPI has slotted them above the Mets and Giants despite their record, but they've had the 2nd toughest SOS so far and their predicted record is 5 games better than their actual record.  Is this a team that will rise in the coming months or will Jeff find a way to keep tanking for a top lottery pick?